Friday, August 20, 2010

FGS Part 3

After lunch on Thursday, I attended the session " Exploring Our Maternal Ancestries with Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)" with Terry Barton of This was a very informative presentation, and I was able to follow it just fine. Sometimes DNA sessions are complicated, but the speaker was clear and concise. The last section of his session dealt with "success stories." He shared the family tree of his wife, and I realized that it included the brother (Josiah Jones) of my 4th great grandfather, Wiley Jones. Our common ancestor is their father, Ebed Jones (1774-1848). It was a nice surprise, and I will be in contact with her after the conference.

Thursday afternoon, I also attended the Genealogy Guys' live podcast. I went out of curiosity, but I'm glad I did. George and Drew took many questions from the audience, and we all were encouraged to provide assistance on the genealogy problems as well. It was a great learning opportunity. The Genealogy Guys are truly professionals, and the podcast was great. Be sure to check it out when it comes online (#208).

I did some browsing in the exhibit hall and entered some vendor drawings. So far I haven't been told I've won anything.

For dinner, I went out with Missy Corley. We of course talked about our day's experiences and genealogy in general. It was a nice time.

I turned in early Thursday night and wrote some blog posts, which is why I'm not too behind on my FGS reports. Next up....part 4.

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