Saturday, August 21, 2010

FGS Part 4

Friday at the 2010 FGS conference was a busy day. I attended a session titled, "I've Been Tested: Now What?" which had to do with DNA tests. It was taught by Terry Barton of, who taught the mtDNA class I attended yesterday.

The pre-lunch session I attended was "The Genealogist as CSI," taught by George Morgan. It was interesting, and a good reminder on how to analyze records and document properly.

Through a nice coincidence, I ran into Lori Thornton at lunch. She is a dedicated conference volunteer, so I was surprised and pleased that she actually left the conference venue. We had a nice chat about genealogy (what else?).

Next up was a session with an intriguing title: Murder at the Sawmill. Pamela K. Sayre led us in a case study involving a 1937 murder in her family tree. The story in itself was worth the price of admission, but I actually learned some new strategies for researching the murder at the sawmill in my own family.

I skipped the next session block so I could scour the exhibit hall. So many things I want to buy and no room in my suitcase for them.

Friday evening was the big prize-drawing time. I dutifully filled out all of my tickets and stuffed the boxes, but I didn't win anything. Better luck next time.

On to part 5.

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  1. Hi Amy. It was nice to meet you at FGS. Hope to see you at many more conferences down the road.