Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Small Genealogy World After All

This week's prompt in my 52 Weeks of Personal History series is about family homes. I've enjoyed reading all of these posts, and even was surprised by one of them.

In Mary's Musings, blogger Mary Post Warren reflected on her family's homes. She even gave the address of one of them on 118th Street in 1940's Los Angeles. This rang a bell in my head. My dad was born in Los Angeles and his family lived on 117th Street during the same time frame. A comparison of house numbers showed that they lived at the same location on the block, just on different streets. They were neighbors!

Here are some of the neighbor kids during a birthday party at the house on 117th Street:

Here is another photo of a neighborhood party. My grandmother circled herself and her son.

I doubt Mary will recognize any of these people, but it's worth a shot. 

Today, this area of Los Angeles is crammed with homes, but back then, there still was quite a bit of open land. 

If Mary's family and my own lived near each other, it was for a short time. My grandparents pulled up stakes and head east to Pomona in the later 1940's.

Quite a small world, isn't it? Also another example of the magic of genealogy blogs.


  1. Amy,

    That is amazing! It is a small world after all! LOL!

  2. Love those kind of connections and I'm really enjoying all the posts about houses!

  3. Amy, a few years ago I was having lunch with a new coworker and we started talking about places we had lived. She told me an intersection and it was where I had lived for 8 years. I asked her the address and it was the same building I had lived in. Then I said, "Don't tell me you were in Apt. 6" and she was! We had actually lived in the very same apartment - about 15 years apart.

  4. I love it when things like this happen among bloggers. I think Heather and Lucie had a similar coincidence with houses. Amazing!

  5. It's so neat when things like that happen.

  6. Love this happy connection. One thing I always do is ask where people live, I'm hoping for something similar.