Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Need a Professional Genealogist? Houston, We Don't Have a Problem

Yesterday, Ancestry.com announced that they are terminating their Expert Connect program, which was a way to connect clients and researchers. Projects ranged from basic record look-up to custom research, and Ancestry took a slice of the pie.

A quick glance at the comments on Ancestry.com's own Facebook page indicated that some folks weren't too happy with the abrupt halt of services, as there's now a void when it comes to identifying location-specific researchers.

If you are in need of professional research assistance or record retrieval in the Houston area, I am happy to help. My territory includes:

The Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research

Houston Public Library

Houston Metropolitan Research Center

Rosenberg Library (Galveston)

Harris County Courthouse

Woodson Research Center at Rice University

Montgomery County Public Library Central Branch (Conroe)

Montgomery County Courts

Liberty County Courthouse

Sam Houston Regional Library and Research Center

I am willing to travel to other counties in Texas as needed.

I'm also available for custom research and other genealogy needs including family history writing projects. Please contact me for pricing and questions.

Should you need research services in other portions of Texas, please let me know as I have established a network of wonderful professionals ready to serve you. If you need assistance in other parts of the country and world, consult the Association of Professional Genealogists directory.

Do not feel discouraged or worried about the demise of Expert Connect at Ancestry.com. There are so many researchers out there willing to assist with your family history.

Also remember that you have a friend in Texas who is more than happy to help.


  1. Houston is lucky to have you :)

  2. Amy, I couldn't help but smile at the way you chose to answer the news. After my "ranting" over the news on my blog, I ended with a statement partly as yours. Maybe I need to put it in bigger letters instead.

  3. Yes, I agree, awesome response to this news...

  4. Amy - This IS an awesome response. I don't have any ancestors in Texas, at least that I'm aware of. If I find some, and I need the services of a pro, I'll be calling you.

  5. Cynthia, thanks! I just want to clarify that the Clayton Library is a major genealogy library with records from all over the world. If you're ever doing a WorldCat search and find the item is in the Clayton, I can track it down for you. Check out the Clayton's catalog sometime. Lots of great genealogy stuff!