Thursday, March 10, 2011

Welcome: The We Tree Genealogy Blog in a Nutshell

New Orleans cemetery greeter

Where are my manners? I spent all this time thanking everyone in my last post, but I forgot to say this:

Welcome, new visitors!

You've probably landed here because of the 2011 Family Tree 40 page, or equivalent on another blog. Now you're wondering if you should stick around or not. Let me help you decide. Here's a little shot of what you might expect if you become a regular reader of the We Tree Genealogy Blog:

Sometimes I review things.

Sometimes I share my family's deepest secrets.

Sometimes I buy big genealogy toys.

Sometimes I have a really good idea.

Sometimes I make videos.

There are 730 blog posts under my belt here, and this two-parter is still my favorite.

Well, I guess that's an idea of what to expect should you continue to follow along with my genealogy adventures. I hope you stick around, but if not that's ok, too. There's so many wonderful genealogy blogs out there, go out and find some!

(But if you ever need someone to battle a copy machine, I have your back.)

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