Thursday, May 19, 2011

Water, Water, Everywhere

Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana
I-10 at 70 MPH

I took this picture from a speeding car in 2010. Atchafalaya Basin is truly a lovely place on the road between Houston and New Orleans. Most speed right by Cajun Country on the way to The Big Easy without even a sideways glance toward the view.

Those that do get off the highway are rewarded by good scenery, good food and wonderful people. 

It's hard to watch the news and hear the reports of flooding in this area. It looks like a bunch of water and swamp from the Interstate, but if you take an exit you'll see the people that live and work there.

I have faith these folks can bounce back in time. When they do, I encourage you to get off the freeway and explore this area. It's truly an American gem. Buy some cracklin, too. 


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