Sunday, June 12, 2011

SCGS11 Jamboree Part 4

View from the panelist table of Blogger Summit part 1. I was fortunate enough to participate in the panel:

View from the audience of the panel in Blogger Summit, part 2. I was fortunate enough to call these people friends.

Moderator of both panels, Thomas MacEntee:

These are pictures of the Blogger Summit, parts one and two at Jamboree. The first portion discussed basic beginner issues of blogging. Moderator Thomas MacEntee created a blog in 5 minutes or less as promised. He also asked questions of the panel and we shared our answers with the audience.

The second portion dealt with more intermediate topics of blogging, including copyright issues, affiliate links and any questions the audience had.

When I first attended blogger panels at 2009 Jamboree, much attention was devoted to explaining blogs and defending their value to genealogy. We've come a long way since then. The 2011 crowd asked great questions with enthusiasm. Hopefully we'll get some more genealogy blogs in the mix.

Through this blog is how I met my genealogy friends. In talking to those friends, I learned about the annual Jamboree event. So when I was asked on the panel if I thought blogs were important to genealogy, my first instinct was to answer DUH! Thank goodness I didn't.

All in all. The blogger panels were a hit. I am thankful to have been a part of it.


  1. Interesting place to be. It's easy to create a blog in five minutes at least with google it is. Then one has to go back and learn the basics, if you remember your password. The next step is to advance beyond basics to make it seem professional with gadgets and buttons and programs, photographic publishing skill, and some marketing skill. It's my third year and I am still learning! And then finally to add your personality, style, information and fun.

    I started by looking at blogs on how to get started. but those blogs stopped at the beginner "how to get started". From then on I had to google for any additional topic, or ask other bloggers. I can see why someone would want to attend that jamboree, it will be interesting to see who came out with their blog the rest of this year.

    I think it could be wise for us to reccomend a few good bloggers, who show how to start. Those examples which go good with genealogy and family history.
    What I like about genea bloggers blog they carry some good how to 'stuff' and I have returned for quite a bit. Just not enough material is entered though. They could do better for us beginners. I'd also like to find a place to discuss the issues and methods of blogging, with out being off topic of genealogy in a comment. etc.

    Once a person gets past the development one can enjoy it more. Of course one is never done making changes.
    Thanks for inspiring my comment.