Friday, July 22, 2011

2011 FGS Conference Luncheons

Let's talk meal tickets.

If you're going to the 2011 FGS conference coming up in Springfield, you may want to consider one or more luncheons. Several groups host or sponsor lunches at the conference, and for many of them you don't have to be a member of the group to attend.

Here are some of the details for luncheons:

Wednesday Luncheon with speaker Ransom Love

Thursday Luncheons and Speakers (there are 4!)

Friday Luncheons and Speakers (there are 4!)

Saturday Luncheons and Speakers (there are 4!)

Don't be afraid to attend a luncheon alone. I have never had a bad experience and often meet wonderful people. Once I sat next to the president of a state genealogical society. We talked throughout the luncheon and she gave me wonderful research and archives advice for her state.

You can purchase tickets for these luncheons through the FGS conference registration site.

[Disclosure: Speaking of meal tickets, this is mine as an Official Blogger for FGS2011. They paid for my conference registration, but I have to buy my own lunches.]

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  1. I'm an introvert, I'm a vegetarian, and my hearing isn't great (especially in noisy settings). Even with all that, I STILL do the luncheons when I go to conferences. I've had interesting conversations every single time...and every single time I've said to myself afterward, "That was totally worth it."

    One great thing about genealogy conferences is that you know up front you have something to talk about with every single person there. There's no such thing as an awkward pause when genealogists get together.