Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun with Search Terms

It's time for another round of "Fun with Search Terms!" People type certain words or phrases into search engines. If the combination is right, my blog turns up in the search results. Sometimes the searches are funny. Sometimes I can provide more information to users, if only they'd comment on my blog. Either way, I enjoy the process. Please note that these searches are anonymous so I don't know who is stumbling on my blog. I just comment in the hope that they find it again.

Now on with the show. Actual search phrases are in bold.

2011 genealogy jamboree blogging gang
How did you find out? I thought it was a secret. Don't tell anyone, ok? Here is the list.

This is one bad-ass gang.
Photo courtesy of Gini Webb

Asmus Christian Schmit
I would love to talk to the person that found my blog with this search phrase. Asmus is an integral name in my family tree, and one of the biggest mysteries. I know he was a wagon maker in Las Vegas, New Mexico. I know my great-great grandmother named Schmidt up and went from Chicago to Las Vegas when she was widowed. How many Schmits would be in 1890 Las Vegas, New Mexico? There has to be some connection. Hey you that found my me make that connection.

nolen fuqua obituary
I may have this item in my hands in a few short weeks as I am heading up to Oklahoma, but unless you contact me then NO OBITUARY FOR YOU!

why sell at genealogy conferences
Because people BUY at genealogy conferences. I'd be happy to share my views as a customer and conference attendee if you want.

houston central public library/texas genealogy
Ok, follow me here:

1. The Houston Public Library is a system of smaller libraries, plus a Central Branch. 
2. The Central Branch is downtown, and the smaller branches are scattered throughout town.
3. The Central Branch has newspaper obituaries, but not much genealogy stuff.
4. The Clayton Library is a 100% genealogy branch of the Houston Public Library.
5. The Houston Metropolitan Research Center is part of the HPL and it has a "Texas Room."

Depending on your research needs, any of these places *might* be able to help. If you have specific questions, contact me and I will point you in the right direction to the building that's the best fit.

I heard the news today congratulations
Thanks! Wait, what?

Thanks for playing. See you next time!

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