Sunday, July 10, 2011

RootsMagic to Sponsor FGS 2011 Cyber Café

Are you reading the Federation of Genealogical Societies conference blog? If not, you're missing lots of helpful information and exciting plans for the upcoming FGS conference in Springfield, Ill.

This past weekend, big news was announced that there will be a Cyber Café on the exhibit floor. No, it's not a place to eat. Rather, it's a handy spot to check email, recharge electronics, use printers, rest your tired feet and more.

All this is available through FGS and the sponsorship of RootsMagic.

I am always amazed and grateful for the support RootsMagic gives to genealogy events, attendees and bloggers. 

If you are joining me at the FGS conference this summer, be sure to check out the Cyber Café. And on your way there, stop by the RootsMagic booth and say thank you to the staff for their generous sponsorship of this event.

[Disclosure: I am an Official Blogger for the 2011 FGS Conference. More details on my Disclosures page.]


  1. I'm not going to FGS...but one of the reasons I like RootsMagic is that I like doing business with nice people who are good citizens of the community. They're a relatively small company, so their sponsorship of something like this is a big deal for them.