Saturday, August 20, 2011

FGS2011 GenSpiration Sessions: A Meeting of the Minds

The FGS conference in Springfield is almost here! Have you looked at the schedule? What sessions look good to you?

Several of the other FGS 2011 Official Bloggers have published their planned session schedules on their own blogs. I can't do that for you because I never plan until I get to the conference. Sometimes I don't plan until breakfast of the conference day.

Some of the events that intrigued me about this FGS conference are the GenSpiration Sessions. Traditional genealogy classes are great, but there's something special about the spontaneous meeting of the minds when people come together.

I hope attendees join in the spirit and offer up for discussion some of the subjects about which they are passionate. I'm considering proposal of a couple discussion topics of my own. I'd like to pick people's brains about genealogy business marketing. I also like talking about blogging issues such as affiliates, copyright, templates, problems, solutions, ideas, etc. There are a lot of "how to" blog sessions out there, but little discussion on the "what next" when your blog is going strong.

Should I jump in to the GenSpriation pool? I'll let you know once I get there and look at the schedule. I might be the only person at my potential GenSpiration sessions but that's ok. I'm just happy the dedicated people at FGS are offering this type of learning opportunity.

[Update: Official FGS Blogger Caroline Pointer told me that she's in for these GenSpiration sessions, so come hang out with us and talk shop! Look for details about GenSpiration sessions at the conference.]


  1. Amy, both of those sound like great GenSpiration topics. I think you'd get a good turnout--I'd love to join you! Are they setting aside special times for these sessions, or do they take place during the regularly scheduled ones?

  2. Shelley, I'm not entirely sure but I'm guessing they run during regular session times similar to the way unconferences went at RootsTech.