Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Oklahoma Road Trip, Part 6

During our Oklahoma road trip, we visited the Chickasaw National Capitol Building in Tishomingo.

Behind the purple-flowered bushes are a set of memorial bricks that people can purchase in tribute to others. My dad had a set made for the ancestors in our Chickasaw line. They sit at the base of the building and welcome all who visit:

My grandmother

My great-grandmother

My great-great grandmother

My third-great grandfather

My fourth-great grandfather

My fifth-great grandfather

My sixth-great grandmother

My sixth-great grandfather

It was 105 degrees on the day we visited the Chickasaw National Capitol Building. The trip was nice, but equally as nice was the Dairy Queen just 2 blocks down the road. It was an ideal end to our day.

Oklahoma Road Trip, Part 7


  1. OK, this is wayyy wayyy cool, no, not the weather, the bricks!

  2. Very cool! I'm guessing no one knows the real name of your sixth-great grandmother?

  3. Very nice of your dad to purchase the bricks, and I'm glad you've got the photos. Yep, that is very cool.

  4. Amanda, you're correct. James Colbert had three wives. Two were "Fullblood Chickasaw" and one was "Halfblood Chickasaw." That's how they are referred to in every bit of information I have seen so far, even in museums and books.