Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Weekend Leading to Busy Week

My life has been so busy lately. I need to get back to regular blogging. After several weeks of non-stop genealogy for other people, I really need to give my own ancestors some attention. 

Saturday, I went to the October meeting for the Chaparral Genealogical Society. Robert Schaadt gave a presentation called "Standing on Sacred Ground" about the Battle of San Jacinto. The talk started as a history lesson, but became a genealogy discussion as some of the attendees shared their own ancestors' experiences with the event. 

Sunday, I worked on a proposal for a potential client. Part of the project requires the use of some online genealogy tools. Let me just say that it's difficult to make recommendations regarding someone else's family history. What if the company fizzles out? Changes directions? No easy task, my friends.

All of a sudden Monday showed up. I made phone calls, answered emails, answered phone calls, worked on the proposal, wrote emails, did laundry, found an old shirt my can use for his Halloween costume, did more laundry, updated another client on a project, and played mom taxi. All of a sudden, it's dinner time!

Do you see how fast time is going? I need some personal genealogy time. I'll have to get that on the calendar.

What about you? Have you made time for your own ancestors lately?


  1. Not much. But I'm hoping to fix that.

  2. I can relate so much. I haven't made time for my research, either.