Thursday, October 27, 2011

New FGS Member Benefits for Genealogy Societies

It's not my intention to be all about press releases, but I thought this news was worth sharing.

FGS announces two new member benefits: website and newsletter reviews

Folks, there are some b-a-d bad genealogy society web sites out there. I'm not talking about the little stuff like colors and layout. I mean there are websites that say they were last updated in 2004. There are websites that don't have any information on upcoming events. My very favorite unfortunate web site is the one that says they have monthly meetings, but does not give an address for them.

If you belong to a genealogical society that is a member of FGS, do your group a favor and ask an officer to have your group's website and newsletter evaluated. It's a FREE chance to get some helpful advice from some friends in genealogy.

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