Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fun with Search Terms

It's time for another round of "Fun with Search Terms!" People type certain words or phrases into search engines. If the combination is right, my blog turns up in the search results. Sometimes the searches are funny. Sometimes I can provide more information to users, if only they'd comment on my blog. Either way, I enjoy the process. Please note that these searches are anonymous so I don't know who is stumbling on my blog. I just comment in the hope that they find it again.

Now on with the show. Actual search phrases are in bold.

amy tombstone 2011
Spoooooky premonition for a Halloween weekend. Does someone want me dead? Maybe this offering will appease the spirits:

book review presentation zen
Ask and you shall receive.

Where does the surname Barecke come from?
That's what I'd like to know! I can tell you that my third-great grandfather, Maximilian Baerecke (1827-1904) was born in Eisenach, Saxony, Germany. I would love to compare Baerecke notes with others.

Iowa census includes parents names
That would be the 1925 census. It's such a wonderful record set that I wrote a tribute to it.

I need to tell you that i need the genealogy to set up for it is that ok ! with you

boring DAR meetings
Are you looking to attend a boring meeting? I haven't heard about any local chapter meetings of the Daughters of the American Revolution being "boring" so I really can't help you there. Sorry.

I need some information about messing the genealogy.
Whatever you do, do not mess the genealogy. I repeat, do not mess the genealogy. Thank you. The Management.

That's all, folks. Thanks for playing!


  1. LOL! Those are great. Thanks for the laughs.

  2. OK, the last one is truly classic! ROTFLOL

  3. Uh-oh. I'm an Amy too so that one spooks me just a bit!!

  4. Thanks for some chuckles this afternoon, Amy. This should become a meme and we should all share our crazy search terms that bring people to our blogs.

  5. Always look forward to these entries. So much fun to see your responses.

    Agree with Nancy, should make this a meme. Could be educational and hilarious!

  6. I love these posts...I always think of them when I'm studying my Google Analytics reports and wondering...hmmm.

  7. Ok I promise not to mess with the genealogy. LOL!