Monday, October 31, 2011

Personal Genealogy Day

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon working on my RootsMagic database and watching football. It was swell. I haven't tended my own family tree in a while, so it was good to get back to it.

I'm still working on improving citations that are already in the tree. It's a slow process, but I'm about 80% done. The results will be customized source templates and a more organized source list overall.

Two years ago (give or take) I started building this database from scratch. The only rule was that each fact had to have a source citation attached to it.

Today this tree has over 500 people in it, and all their gloriously sourced facts. It's growing slowly but surely. It feels good to have no gaps, no holes nor a to-do list of people and facts that need documentation.

Last night, I also played around with my private Ancestry "working" tree. I found some obituaries for distant Menou cousins in Acadia Parish, Louisiana. These obituaries weren't there before, so the moral of this story is to always keep looking.

What's in store for the coming week? Well, I'm remodeling my web site. I need to work on a special project. I'm also going to get that blogging e-book out because I'm sick of waiting for Google to re-brand Blogger.

That's it for now. Go forth and make your ancestors proud.


  1. I also spent this weekend working on my Genealogy blog. It never gets old and I always find a new path.

  2. I got back to genealogy for real this weekend. My resolution was to put all of my digital and hard-copy documents in their proper places after I was through with them. There must have been something in the genea-air this year....

  3. Yay for you! I got some genealogy done this weekend too thanks to my big arse desk! that we put together (minus the drawers, but it's a start, right?)

    And I agree, always keep looking for those obits. I have been doing that too since now I have access to databases and newspapers I never even knew existed thanks to my UNC account!

  4. Love your blog, Amy. I'm in the same boat as so many others who started off many, many years ago and never worried about sourcing. My more recent research within the last 5 years is pretty meticulously sources, but my older stuff is, well, still a work in progress and I'm always taking time to re-do one line or another. BTW, love the new e-book. Have scanned through and will start reading tonight!