Monday, November 7, 2011

Dinner with Friends

This weekend was the Family Tree DNA conference here in Houston. I did not attend because I am not a project administrator. But you know who did attend? My friend Joan Miller.

After the conference, we had dinner in my neck of the woods. Caroline Pointer joined us.

We did what genealogists do. Joan filled us in on the DNA conference and we chatted about genealogy as well. The only thing we didn't do was take pictures, and for that I apologize.

It's funny when genealogy bloggers meet up, we just get down to having a good time. All the formalities are out the window.

Thank you Joan and Caroline for a lovely evening.

If you ever find yourself in Houston, drop me a line. We can break bread, too.


  1. Sure will. I'd love to mert the #railfan

  2. If I'm ever down that way, I'll definitely make time to stop in and see you. You and Caroline sound like a fun bunch.