Sunday, May 13, 2012

Book review: On the Banks of Plaquemine Brulee by Gene Thibodeaux

On the Banks of Plaquemine Brulee: Une Histoire de la Pointe de l'Eglise is a history of Church Point, Lousiana written by native Gene Thibodeaux.

My own interest in this book stems from my connection to the area. My great-great grandparents Noel Thibodeaux and Eliza Eldridge were married there. You may remember Noel as the one with the wandering eye.

Thibodeaux's book is organized into eighteen chapters, sorted by time period. The first chapter begins with the Native American history of the area. Later chapters each cover a set time period and the events that occurred during that time.

A typical chapter includes and overview of the national, state and local history of the era. Notable events, social changes and disasters are included. Readers will get a detailed picture of the region, it's economy and local flavor.

On the Banks of the Plaquemine Brulee is a history book with value to genealogists. Thibodeaux includes many names of Church Point citizens and their role in the city's history. A name index is included in the back of the book.

Numerous black and white photographs are featured in certain sections of the book. Thibodeaux also included an impressive source list and several appendixes featuring lists of names in historic Church Point groups, censuses, etc.

On the Banks of the Plaquemine Brulee is a well written, thoroughly researched look at a slice of Acadiana. It helped me get a sense of the former home of my ancestors and learn more about Louisiana. It also makes me wonder if I'm distantly related to the author through my Thibodeaux line. That's a search for another day, however. For now I'll just be content with my new knowledge of Church Point, Louisiana.

Information on ordering the book can be found here.

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