Monday, May 14, 2012

SCGS 2012 Genealogy Jamboree Updates

The 2012 Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree is approaching fast.

Here are some news stories about the Jamboree that may be of interest to you:

SCGS has instituted a youth scholarship program for aspiring genealogists from 18-29. This makes conference attendance very affordable for students and young whippersnappers.

Geneabloggers has a list of bloggers who will be at Jamboree. Follow them for all the latest Jamboree information.

Did you know that Jamboree has its own blog? Check it often for Jamboree updates before and during the conference.


  1. Hi, Amy,

    Thanks for the Jamboree news. I have just registered for the Webinar!


  2. Thanks Amy! Appreciate your help getting the word out!

    1. My pleasure, Paula. I'm counting down the days until Jamboree.

    2. Paula, Trying to reach you regarding your blog, It Just Never Came Up. The first entry (August 17, 2012)is from my grandfather. You cannot imagine my surprise to find it. I am the oldest of 4 grandchildren and he died when I was only 2 so none of us knew him personally. To have this peek into a day in his life almost 100 years later - well thank you for posting it. I would very much like to get a copy of the origianl with letter head and his signature. If you are willing to contact me my email is
      I tried your email on the "view my profile" page but it said it was improperly installed. Then I tried the comment area but I am not signed up with any of those profiles which it required me to select before posting. So hope very much that you get this. Again, THANK YOU from families you didn't even know you were reaching.