Thursday, March 28, 2013

RootsTech Goals: A Post Mortem

A little while back I wrote a post that listed what I wanted to accomplish at RootsTech. Let's see how I did:

1. Try not to get food poisoning this time. I was 100% successful in putting food in my mouth and not having it come back out again. It was grand.

2. Get an education on British genealogy resources. On Wednesday, I attended a class at the Family History Library on lesser known British records. It was taught by industry rock star and friend Audrey Collins. I also talked to Audrey on the exhibit floor. She gave me some advice on my Cornwall interests.

3. Get my book editing questions answered. This went really well. I took my long list of editing questions to Biff and Nancy Barnes at Stories to Tell Books. They patiently answered all my questions and talked me off the ledge. I left with a plan. This interaction alone made the trip worthwhile.

4. Work through my FHL list. I didn't get through as much of this list as I would have liked. I probably needed a week to do so. However, I did make a dent, get one real answer and several clues and hunches.

5. Learn something new in some sessions. I did something I didn't think I would do: I went to three developer sessions. This is generally out of my league, but I was able to follow along just fine. I also spent some time at the demo theater in the exhibit hall learning about new (to me) products.

6. Be a good Official Blogger. Well, I hope I was. You'll have to ask FamilySearch. I did take photos, utilize Twitter, blog, socialize and reach out to random strangers at lunch. I also me fellow bloggers Sistas in Zion. They're delightful and their positivity needs to be bottled.

7. Find out the latest on FamilySearch Family Tree. Done. I learned about it at the Official Bloggers dinner and a session led by Ron Tanner. My questions were answered.

8. Network like a crazy person. I had a list of all the vendors/friends I wanted to see. I did. I met several bloggers I *know* online from Australia and New Zealand. I took most of my meals in a social setting. I feel safe checking this one as "accomplished."

9. Do 5 new things. I attended a new event: the Mormon Tabernacle Choir mini concert. I learned about a new product: I vowed to meet a new person: I met many but I'm picking Mary from lunch. I tried a new restaurant: Lion House Pantry. I attended session in a subject about which I know nothing: all the developer sessions and a demo of The Next Generation software.

10. I will have fun. Done!

Well, after tallying the score card, I judge this mission a success.


  1. Well, I'd say you rock. You're so organized, you're savvy, and you set goals that you can meet. (I don't even know what a developer session is!) I enjoyed your blogs during the conference, and the pictures. I hear that FamilySearch has some changes, and it's on my list to learn FamilySearch. Sigh. You're leading the way for a lot of us!

  2. It was great to see you at Roots Tech, Thanks for the kind words. We are looking forward to your new book.

  3. So glad you had such a great conference session. Thank you for sharing what you saw, learned, and did. Someday a conference of this type might be in my future. Until then, I'll celebrate for those who go.

  4. Mission definitely accomplished. Well Done.