Saturday, August 17, 2013

FGS Preparation (or Lack Thereof)

As Jill Ball likes to say, only "two sleeps" until I make my way to Fort Wayne for the 2013 FGS Conference.

I've been reading lots of Facebook updates of how people are already packed, their class schedules and research plans laid out and ready to go.

Me? I've done none of these things. The only preparation I've made so far is to ensure that the syllabus is downloaded on my iPad so I can access it offline. That's it.

Don't confuse my lack of preparation for lack of enthusiasm. I'm still working to get The Eternal Client Project done. I've been shuttling my son to and from summer band practices. Every 30 minutes or so I have to stop what I'm doing and go investigate a strange noise from somewhere in the house. The cats have settled in and are exploring new places, often where they aren't supposed to be. Time to prepare for a conference? Take a number and have a seat, I'll be with you when I can.

So today is about laundry and tomorrow is about packing. The overnight lows in Indiana are supposed to be in the mid-60's! To a Houstonian in August, this is simply delightful.

My FGS2013 social schedule is getting full. I have 3 vendor meetings/meals and a couple pub dates (everyone is welcome to those). I have 1 ticketed luncheon on Wednesday (Mark Lowe's delegate one. Anyone going?). I also volunteered to man the Texas State Genealogical Society booth for a block of time.

Class schedule? I haven't even planned that. I never do until I'm at the host city. The only for-sure won't-be-missed session is the one about the Great Lakes ship wrecks for obvious reasons.

Everything else is up in the air. And I like it that way.

Will I see you in Fort Wayne? I always want to meet new people and reconnect with genealogy friends.


  1. I was hoping to go but it turns out I can't. The family has other plans for me. I'll be following your blog and living vicariously through my genea blogging friends.

    1. Sorry you can't make it. Family comes first. Maybe next time.