Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The One with the Disclaimer

When you have a blog and a company gives you something, you have to disclose the details or you can get into trouble with someone somewhere. Clearly you can see how serious I am about the subject. For a genealogy blog it seems like overkill, but apparently some bloggers in other fields get some hefty freebies in exchange for fake praise or whatever. Lord knows I don't want the government knocking at my door. There's more money between my couch cushions than the cashola I've made from this blog. However, someday I'll be a Rich and Famous Genealogist so I better cross my i's and dot my t's along the way.

With that in mind, here is what I've been told I will receive as a "Blogger of Honor" at the 2nd Annual Family History Expo in Mesa:

1. A pass that entitles me to free admission to the classes.

2. A ticket to the Friday night banquet.

Family History Expos has provided me with a social media policy (and a good one at that), but has not asked me to blog or make specific statements about their events or products. What you read will be my own take on the conference.

At the Friday banquet, I have been asked to sit at a "designated table" and talk about blogs & social networking with my tablemates. This will be really fun because these are two of my favorite genealogy topics. My only fear is that with all the other awesome bloggers in attendance, who the heck would want to sit at my table? But you know what? If my table is empty, I'm cool with that because that means there will be extra desserts for me.

So there it is, my "disclaimer" as they say. You may refer to it at any time. From this point forward though, coverage of the conference will be mine all mine and not influenced by anyone or anything (though extra desserts go a long way--wink, wink).

Onward to Mesa.


  1. Great post - I've posted my disclaimer which is a bit different since I received admission and banquet tickets due to my agreeing to present at Expo:

  2. Congratulations on being selected and I hope you do enjoy the event

  3. I wish the government would worry about the money they can legally take from lobbyist rather than if I as a nurse can take a pen from a drug rep or an accounting of some thing we now have to disclose on our blogs.

  4. If I were going to be there, I'd sit with you Amy! Anyone who passes on your table, passes on a charming,interesting Geneablogger who ROCKS!