Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Association of Professional Genealogists PMC - Recap Part 1

Today I attended the Association of Professional Genealogists Professional Management Conference in Knoxville. It was a one-day event geared toward practicing professionals or those who have an interest in taking that path.

The big news before the morning session was that next year's APG PMC will be held within the FGS conference. There will be some programs on Friday (I believe they are free), and a paid workshop on Saturday. This is different than recent years where the PMC fell before the FGS conference.

After general news, APG president Laura Prescott presented "From the Trenches: How We Manage Clients, Time and Projects." She spoke of time, tools and talent and the various stages of balance/imbalance that are presented when we juggle multiple tasks.

We then had a networking lunch. The tables were divided into topics with a speaker at each table. When you entered the ballroom, you picked the table at which you wanted to sit, then talked with others on the specific topic. It was loosely structured, and moved with the personality of the group. I sat at Polly Kimmitt's "part-time genealogy" table, mostly because I wanted to meet Polly. She's great. I also sat next to Missy Corley of Bayside Research Services and we talked shop and caught up. We go way back. Like, over two years.

There's more, but I'll put it in another post. Here's part 2....


  1. Sounds like an excellent event for pros - we spent the day out walking around, but saw lots of "genies" everywhere we went.

  2. Well, good, because Friday and Saturday are way easier for people with jobs and/or small children to care for than the middle of the week.

    I love the table topic idea!