Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My FHL Day and Adventures in Satanic Hotel Room Heaters

Yesterday's blog post made reference to the heater in my hotel room. Despite what the thermostat said, my choices were HOT or OFF.

Last night I woke up at 12:30am to the most suffocating heat. I went to the thermostat and tried to turn it off, except it would not turn off anymore. It said OFF, but the hot air just kept coming. I was sweating profusely and even waited in the hallway until I was rescued. So....at 1:00am a security guard brought me a luggage cart. I piled all my already unpacked stuff on it and made my way to a room higher up and with a less satanic heating unit.

The plus in this story is that it snowed overnight. I watched it come down and blanket the city until I was able to fall asleep in my new room. By the time I woke up again, the streets were already plowed:

Despite all that action overnight, I was only an hour off my intended schedule. I made it to the Family History Library at 9:00am. I am so glad I brought my clodhopper boots on this trip. They came in handy on my slippery walk.

Inside the library, I spent 4 hours at the microfilm readers. I retrieved a lot of information. It's not for me though; it's for a client. Said client should be satisfied.

I set up a lunch date via Twitter with Amelia and Colleen. I didn't know them before today, but when you have genealogy in common, everyone is a friend. That's what I always say to people who say they don't know anybody at conferences.

After lunch I went back to my hotel room with the non-satanic heater and entered all my new FHL information in my RootsMagic database. Umm...and then I never left. I think I'll skip dinner and read in bed. Tomorrow is the RootsTech Innovator Summit and I need my sleep if I'm going to try to understand half of what they're saying.

Until then....

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