Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Long time, no blog

I'm here! I promise.

The good news is that I've been so busy that blogging took a back seat. I went on vacation:

Isn't that pretty? What you don't know is 1. I'm moving there once the nest is empty and 2. I took this photo while my car was stuck in the sand. Prince Charming with silver teeth driving an Escalade helped set me free.

Recently, I've been hired on several genealogy projects large and small. I just finished some research that I think is going to be used for a book. I didn't ask. I was given a specific task so I delivered without questions. It was a fun project.

My most recent project has me attempting to connect a one adult to another, a child to a parent. It's quite complicated as key records are missing and people sort of vanish. This is right up my alley, as I'm becoming an expert in dealing with my own difficult ancestors.

I've also started working more on my family tree. It's pretty boring but necessary stuff. Lots of adding census records and city directories to my RootsMagic database. I need to get all these online discoveries in the database so I can start getting back into the deep research. I want to go on some road trips! But before I do that I need my facts in a row. I started alphabetically with the first person in my database, and now I'm up to Ezekiel Cloyd.

Another reason I've been gone is that I'm deep cleaning the house. I call it Hurricane Amy. I need to get rid of stuff, donate stuff, and fix stuff. I was not kidding about moving to that beach in the photo, people. I have 2 years to get this house lookin' purdy.

Blogging should get more frequent as I make a priority to get it in my schedule.

FGS 2014 in San Antonio is coming up in August, so you'll get some conference posts from me there. Who is going? Will I see you there?


  1. Glad you're back. Where's the beach? It looks beautiful. Wish I was going to FGS.

  2. Hey Amy- I absolutely love connecting with other genealogists. I just started this winter after visiting family records hall in SLC. Went home and wanted to dig up more info on my relatives - but I was constantly googling county clerk contact info - b/c I wanted physical documents to add to my scrapbook I've been making on my family lineage. Decided I needed to be the one to consolidate this data and make use of it. It has been helpful to me, so maybe to you as well: www.county-clerks.com :-) -Adam