Tuesday, August 19, 2014

MyCanvas Finds a New Home in Alexander’s

MyCanvas users will be happy to know that the service that is on Ancestry.com's chopping block has found a new home at Alexander's.

Find out more at the Ancestry.com blog.

I'm glad Ancestry.com was able to ensure the service continued. I haven't used MyCanvas yet,* but I know many people who have. I've heard good things about MyCanvas in the past and hope to use it in the future.

*I'm still in the process of gathering enough ancestral information and photos to fill a book. Plus, my family is small and not in love with genealogy so I'm still figuring out my audience. In time....

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  1. This is good news! I'm not sure when I started the book about my mother's side of the family, but the last time I had worked on it was 2010. I, like you, I was always in the process of gathering more information. When I heard that MyCanvas was going away, I looked at the book and realized that I had too much work in it to just give up. The September 30 deadline gave me the impetus to finish it. As a procrastinator, I work better under pressure.