Saturday, November 29, 2008

Adventures with Cordy, Addendum

The Adventures with Cordy series has been going on this blog for about two months. As I get ready to publish the final travel diary entry, my dad discovered some of the photos that went a long with the trip. That's the way life goes.

Today I went back and edited some posts, adding photos that related to Lynn's descriptions of events.

The following diary entries now include pictures:

September 12, 1976
September 15, 1976
September 18, 1976
September 20, 1976
September 22, 1976
September 23, 1976
September 24, 1976
September 27, 1976
September 29, 1976
October 8, 1976

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  1. Thanks for adding the pictures. I think they had way more fun in Vicksburg than the diary entry indicates!