Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Advent Calendar: December 22

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Prompt: December 22 - Christmas and Deceased Relatives.
Did your family visit the cemetery at Christmas? How did your family honor deceased family members at Christmas?

We did not visit the cemetery at Christmas, simply for the reason that there was no one to visit. My immediate family is quite small. I didn't lose a relative until I was 19. That person was cremated. Come to think of it, since then they've all chosen cremation. The nearest ancestors in a cemetery are great-grandparents I never knew.

Because of this situation, we really don't honor anyone, either. It's more of a year-round memory thing, since there are no cemetery plots to maintain.

I can't be the only one in this situation, can I?

(Originally published December 22, 2009)

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  1. my grandparents are buried in Detroit. I know where my parents ashes were scattered. I don't live close to any of those places. When I was growing up we didn't visit the cemetery or remember the dead in ay special way.