Friday, February 25, 2011

A Stolen Genealogy Moment

Beignet on the banks of the Mississippi, New Orleans, Feb. 2011

Yesterday, my son and I had a lot of conversation time together as we waited an hour to be seen by his doctor. My son isn't much of a talker about his life, except when it comes to railroad crossing signals. However, we had nothing but time in that little room so he started telling me about school and how he was learning about the Civil War.

Like a good little genealogist, I told him about his own ancestors that were part of this event. He has at least four 4th-great grandfathers who were in the Civil War, two on each side. I made sure he knew one was at Gettysburg (and a book was written about his regiment), and another died in battle in Louisiana.

Battle of Calcasieu Pass Civil War Memorial
Cameron Parish Courthouse, Louisiana
Includes R. M. Jones, my 3rd great grandfather

My son seemed a little more interested than I'd expect a boy his age to be. He's getting a public school education in Texas, while I had one in California. The Civil War unit is/was presented differently to us, because we grew up in different parts of the country.

I don't think my son will share with his teacher the history he knows about his own ancestors and their participation in the Civil War. I'm just glad he knows they were there, which is more than I did at his age.


  1. That's the best way to do it - little moments here and there. Someday we will all be surprised how they add up!

  2. That's the way to spark an interest in history in general -- make it personal to them!

  3. I bet he'll share more than you think! Way to connect history to his life!

  4. Nice! Great way to take advantage of a truly teachable moment!


  5. So important! Thank you for sharing.

  6. Who knows, maybe i will tell her...

  7. Amy,

    That's great! Has he ever shown much interest in genealogy before?

    Do you think this will spark more interest?