Monday, July 22, 2013

Bahamian Cemetery Visit - Grand Bahama Island

While on vacation a few weeks ago, we went on a tour with Bahamas Interisland Tours.

Our guide was Jeff:

He took us to pretty places:

And underground water caves (those black spots are bats)

Jeff also took us to lunch, where this was out view:

Toward the end of lunch, I left said awesome view, family and guide and walked down the road a bit. Why? Because on the way in, I saw this:

Bahamian cemetery!

I'm not sure of the name of this cemetery, only that the building on the right is Bertha's Blue Dinghy. The beach and ocean are immediately behind the back cemetery wall.

There aren't many graves in this cemetery. Here's a look over the wall:

And some of the handful of graves:

Here is the road on which the cemetery is located. That's its white wall to the right. The car is where our lunch place (Cleveland's) was. I think this street is Mather Town (off Spanish Main Drive), but I can't be sure. I provide these sketchy details for readers who may want to visit this place.

Jeff told me that these beachside cemeteries are rare. Only people from the neighborhood can be buried there. This wasn't much of a village, hence the small size of the cemetery.

Here are some photos of another Bahamian cemetery I visited in 2010.

Thanks to Jeff for the tour and the patience to answer all my cemetery questions and generational property questions. Bet he doesn't get too many tour guests who grill him on Bahamian land records.


  1. A dignified small cemetery. And using some of your vacation for this discovery -- that's very diligent of you, seriously.

  2. Even on vacation we think about genealogy!