Friday, August 10, 2012


This is my 1000th blog post! Cue the music! Drop the confetti! Is this where someone hands me a big check?

No? Ok. It just felt like after writing 999 blog posts, I should observe this milestone.

Let's take a look back.

Very First Blog Post

Here is my very first blog post. I kept it simple. I tell new genealogy bloggers to do the same. There's no need to write a complex essay as your introduction into blogging. Just say hi.

Posts With Most Views

Jump Start Your Genealogy Blog: 52 Ideas, 52 Weeks. I'm not surprised by this. The post is optimized nicely in search engines and it's consistently a top traffic-getter week to week. Hopefully it helps people get started on their blogs, too.

Rejected Genealogy Conference Proposals. Based on the emails and phone calls I got (including one Very Important Genealogist who swore me to secrecy), many of you feel this satire isn't too far from the truth. Two Very Important Genealogists urged me to submit this as an actual conference session, but I don't know if it would play as well in front of a live audience.

If Genealogists Ran Hollywood. Sometimes I like to imagine what life would be like if genealogy was more mainstream.

Posts With Most Comments

A Comment on Comments. Turns out a lot of you have comments about blog comments.

If Genealogists Ran Hollywood. Lots of laughs...or you guys are just really polite.

Genealogy Videos: Family History in 3 Minutes. Fun to make videos, even more rewarding to help others learn to do the same.

Author Favorites

Looking for Sgt. Jones Part 1 and Part 2. Once you read these posts, you'll understand why they are memorable to me.

Call Me Ahab. A post about the thrill of the genealogical hunt and victory when you finally capture your white whale.

Edna Ferber, White Hats and My Family Tree. An example of a possible brush with literary fame.

Oklahoma Road Trip (parts 1-8). A chronicle of a memorable road trip in search of my roots.

Holiday of Horrors! Proof I'm not playing with a full deck. And judging by the comments, many of you aren't either.

1000 Thank Yous

I started writing this blog for myself, but along the way people started reading it. Some of those people commented. Many of those commenters became real-life friends I've met at conferences and out in the real world. To those pals I say "thank you for being a friend." Also, I'm sorry I put that Golden Girls song in your head.

To this day, I'm still surprised people read my blog. Thank you to each and every one of you: the regular readers, RSS subscribers, email receivers, and even the ones that visit once and never come back. I appreciate each and every comment. I also need to thank those that visit every single day and never leave a comment. Didn't think I'd notice, did ya? You're special, too. Drop me a line and introduce yourself. We're all genealogy friends here.

State of the Blog

So what's the plan for the next 1000 posts? The second verse is the same as the first: a little bit of everything. This is my genealogy coffee table. Now pull up a chair and let's chat some more about family trees...


  1. Congratulations! Now on to post 2000!

  2. Congrats, Amy! Keep 'em coming!!

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  4. How wonderfully prolific you are, Amy! Great work here at "We Tree". Love your stuff!

  5. Congrats, Amy! I look forward to following your next 1000.

  6. Congrats on this milestone in your genealogical life. Keep the posts coming.

  7. Congratulations - on to post 1001!

  8. Happy 1000th Post-Day!!! What an accomplishment!

    I read through a couple of your past posts listed here. What fun! I hadn't read them before since I'm a relatively new blogger.

    Congrats again!

  9. Congrats, you are inspiring! I appreciate your posts.

  10. Hooray for you! Quite an accomplishment!

  11. Congratulations on writing and publishing 1000 posts! Not only are they filled with great information, your posts are entertaining and fun to read! Can't wait for #2000!

  12. What an amazing achievement, Amy! I so enjoy reading your blog. Looking forward to many, many more!

  13. Congratulations Amy! I always enjoy We Tree. Good information and good humor. Can't beat that.

  14. You make me feel an apprentice, with my 124 posts... Congratulations, one day I hope to reach that milestone as well.

  15. Congratulations, Amy, for achieving such a landmark. I look forward to reading many more.

  16. You are amazing, Amy. You've been a great role model for me, as I tip-toed my way into Twitter last year and began my blog with your encouragement. Today was my "blogiversary" and I will always be thankful to you for the suggestion that I begin blogging. You rock!

  17. Congratulations, Amy. You are an inspiration to other bloggers. Now if I could just be as active on my blog as you are on yours!

  18. Congratulations, Amy :-) here's to the next 1000! I must have missed your Christmas decoration post the first time round so I'm so glad you linked to it. Even if I have tea up my nose now. Jo :-)

  19. Wow! 1000 blog posts! Many congrats! Big milestone! Looking forward to reading your next thousand.

  20. Congratulations Amy! You are an inspiration (and I love your sense of humour!).

    Cheers, Karen

  21. Congratulations! Thanks for the links to some of the favorite posts. They're great.